Utilizing a Planner Correctly

     Whether you are a student or full-time worker, you need to be able to keep track of things and be able to make a visual of tasks that need to be done in a certain time frame or keep up with future appointments that you can’t forget about. One way to make this simple for yourself is by buying a planner. Ever since I can remember, I have always had a planner to keep track of my schoolwork. Growing up in private school, I was provided with one at the beginning of each school year and forced by my teachers to write down upcoming assignments that needed to be completed. This caused me to create a habit of writing things down as soon as they were announced and always keeping a visual log of everything school-wise. It wasn’t until college that I started to track other things in my planner besides schoolwork such as my work schedule, meetings with organizations that I was apart of, and my weekly to-do list. Although there are now apps that you can download to use in place of a planner, I feel like being able to write something down can help you to remember better. Honestly, if I was never taught how to use a planner correctly I don’t think that I would be the student/individual that I am today. I always make sure that I am staying on top of things and never forgetting anything, including small details! So, I decided to share some useful tips about planners to help you get better with keeping track of any and everything in your daily life.
Find a layout that is right for you.
  • The first step when trying to find a planner is choosing what layout works best for you. The three most common types of planners have either a monthly view, daily view, or hourly view. When first starting out, it may be best to just get a planner that has each month because it is quick and easy to write down appointments or due dates. The planner that works the best for me is the daily view. I like it because it shows me a week at a time, and I am able to write down each task that I have for the day and see what needs to be done first. This also helps to give me a visual to prioritize the things that I need to accomplish each week. Lastly, the hourly view works best for those who need to see each day by the hour, which can help if you work from a certain time and have to go to class directly afterwards. It can also help you to schedule things easily when you have breaks during certain times of the day.
Buy a planner that is visually pleasing to you. 
  • There are thousands and thousands of planners to choose from so trying to pick the right one can be a bit overwhelming. If you have never bought a planner before, I would suggest going directly to a store such as Walmart or Target so that you can see their selection and decide which one you want. Depending on your preference, you can choose one that is small and portable or one that is a bit larger that can fit more things into. Because this is a task that you are going to be using everyday, pick one that you like! I tend to lean towards ones that are colorful because it makes planning into something that is fun. If you can’t seem to find one in the store that fits your needs, you can also buy one online. My personal favorite is The Happy Planner because of the layout and monthly overviews that are included with it. They also come with different themes for planners such as fitness, work, and spiritual.
Color Code!
  • Once you find and buy a planner that you like, the next step is get colored pens that you can write with. You should create a chart on the front pages outlining which colors are going to represent your specific categories. What I do with mine is that I use different colors (pink, dark blue, orange, purple, light blue) for each of my classes so that I know which assignments need to be done during that week. I also write my work schedule in red, and special events and appointments in green. This is a good way to differentiate between what you need to get done for the week, and it is super helpful!
Write down tasks and deadlines ASAP
  • Filling in your planner can be time-consuming so you need to set aside a good amount of time to be able to fill in everything that need to be written down. Once you get into the habit of writing things in, it will become more quick and easy to keep up with your daily/monthly tasks. Also, you should make sure to write down your deadlines/due dates into both the weekly & monthly calendars. It’s important to do this because its helpful to see when you’re trying to plan for your week or upcoming months and need a visual of everything that you have going on in your life. I find this beneficial specifically with my homework or projects that I have coming up so that can prioritize my tasks that need to be done during the current week or the upcoming weeks.
Don’t forget about it! 
  • Using a planner is something that you need to get into the habit of doing daily. It’s important to keep up with the tasks that you need to complete for each week so that you are able to stay on-top of the things that you need to get done. Some things that help me plan is getting good writing utensils that I like which makes planning fun! Another thing that I’ve started doing is writing a check box next to everything that needs to be done so that I can easily check things off as I complete them.
    I highly suggest that everyone buys a planner regardless of what you are using it for. Its good to get into the routine of writing things down and staying on top of tasks in your everyday life. These 5 tips are easy and simple ways that you use in order to set your planner up to your liking and also keep up with it daily!
Till next time!
Good day,
Copy of A Good Day

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