Keys to having a productive week. #MkMondays

Before I start this post, I wanted to introduce the new series that I am starting on my blog called #MkMondays! It’s been a while since I have sat down to write and I shouldn’t have been neglecting my blog! I finished my last semester in undergrad in December and I feel like my life has been full steam ahead ever since. I swear someone told me that life slows down after graduation but it has been the complete opposite! I feel as though starting #MkMondays will help me to be more motivated to write more often, and setting a schedule for myself is the way to go. I can’t guarantee that posts will be up every Monday, but I am striving for every 2 weeks! I am also taking suggestions for future posts, so please leave a comment/message me if anything comes to mind! (:

Being productive is key when it comes to accomplishing goals that you set for yourself. In my opinion, you need to set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals to help yourself grow into the person that you want to be. You can start to accomplish these goals by being productive through these tips listed below.
Limit screen time on your phone.
When 2019 first started, I told myself that I was going to try and use my phone less especially with social media. Apple made it easy last fall when they released iOS 12 with the screen time feature that helps you to become more aware of how often you are on your phone. You can also set app limits and downtime to limit phone usage. When the year started, I was averaging around 8 hours on my phone but now 3 months later, I am down to about 4 hours. Taking this step to limit my phone usage definitely helped to increase my productivity and get out of the habit of always having to pick my phone up and check in to see what was happening in the world. Try and become realistic with the app limits that you set and gradually work your way down. Starting out, I had limited myself to one hour for each app that I used frequently (Twitter & Instagram being the most) and now I am down to one hour in total between all social media. Getting off of your phone is crucial to productivity unless you are using your phone to be productive (don’t lie to yourself lol).
Set your goals for the week.
Try to really figure out what you want to accomplish during the week coming up. Think about what is going to keep you motivated and set things that you truly are going to work towards. I cannot stress this enough but write. everything. down…. twice… or three times… I’ve learned that putting a pen to a paper instead of typing it into your phone can help with reiterating your thoughts and ideas and helps to bring them to life. Whenever I think of anything, I always put it in my phone notes, write it in my daily journal that I carry with me everywhere, and I write it on sticky notes on my desk at home as well as at work. You need to visualize the things that you want to get done and constantly be reminded of them. When you see these goals everywhere, you will think of them more often and feel more inclined to get them done. Don’t forget to place priority on the ones that you need to finish first. Rank things in the order that you think works best and places things at the bottom that could wait until later on in the week to do. Be sure not to set too many goals because this can cause you to become overwhelmed and lead to less productivity. You know yourself best and you have to be realistic to not overwork yourself.
Use Sunday to your advantage.
To me, Sunday is used as my day of rest as well as a day of planning for the week to come. Every Sunday, I sit down and evaluate the previous week and plan out what I want to accomplish the week coming up. The most important tool that I utilize to stay on top of this is an agenda. I’m huge on visualizing things as well as writing things out, and I can see what days I do what on the week before and plan what I want to do on the days coming up. It is also important to me to set deadlines for tasks on certain days. Yes, writing things out and having goals is important, but setting deadlines will help you to execute your goals and actually get them done. I tend to strive to finish one goal a day, but some do take multiple days to do, so I have to put those deadlines towards the end of the week to be realistic on finishing them.
Re-evaluate every night.
The last thing that I do to stay productive is re-evaluating my progress every day. I have to sit down and look to see if I am on track to complete whatever I have to do on time, or if I need to push it back and move an easier task forward. You know how your work ethic is and you know your own progress. You need to really reflect and be open to changing things in case you get busy. It’s ok to get behind, as long as you know and are aware of what you need to do in order to catch up. Everyone’s life is different and can change at any time, but you have to be real with yourself!
Let me know if you try any of these tips and if they help you to be productive and get things done!
Till next time!
Good day,

Copy of A Good Day

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